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Iran Diplomacy Affirmed

I agree with The New Republic’s John Judis that the boldest part of President Obama’s SOTU address was his firm pledge to veto any bill to increase sanctions on Iran while negotiations are in progress.  I couldn’t help but notice ...

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Roe v. Wade at 41 and the Case for Abortion Rights

Several thousand anti-abortion protesters marched in Washington yesterday on the 41st anniversary of Roe vs. Wade—just a small manifestation of the attack on abortion rights taking place across the country these days.  I have no doubt that abortion rights will ...

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The Congressional Threat to Obama’s Iran Diplomacy

Unprecedented: two posts from me in one day!  But this one is really important. A détente with Iran would be one of the Obama administration’s major foreign policy achievements—reducing the danger of war in the Middle East and opening up ...

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Packer on Christie

Just a quick note: George Packer’s New Yorker piece on Chris Christie is so good I really have to bring it to your attention.   In my last post I compared Christie to Rudy Giuliani.  Packer makes a more significant comparison—to ...

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Christie in Crisis

Here I go again writing about Republicans, but how could I not do a post about Chris Christie’s current problems?  Full disclosure: I can’t stand the guy, and I enjoy seeing him squirm.  I’ve long thought of him as an ...

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Whither the Democrats?

I’ve done a lot of blogging about the Republicans and said hardly anything about the Democrats, so it’s about time to redress that imbalance a bit. The civil war between “establishment” and Tea Party Republicans has gotten a lot of ...

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