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The Case of Susan Collins

Maine’s Senator Susan Collins is a dinosaur.  She’s one of the tiny band of moderate Republicans remaining in Congress.  (There is a significant number of traditional conservative Republicans who now often get mislabeled “moderate”—everything is relative, after all.)  She’s up ...

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What to do About Iraq (And then what?)

It’s not easy to know just what the United States should be doing about Iraq, but President Obama’s approach thus far seems about right.  As the Los Angeles Times reported today, the President has followed a very deliberate and, to ...

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Website Fixed

For those of you who have had trouble accessing in recent days, don’t despair!   The problem has been fixed, and all is now back to normal.   And don’t fear: this was some kind of glitch that I ...

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Republican Craziness: It’s in The Numbers

Commenting on Eric Cantor’s defeat, Newt Gingrich claimed that it showed “…there’s a large element of America that wants a fight.”   The “fight” he’s talking about, of course, is the fight against the threat posed by the forces of Big ...

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Bye, bye Eric

I haven’t been writing about the Republicans much lately because I don’t like repeating myself and there hasn’t been all that much to say that I hadn’t already said.  Still, I can’t let pass without some comment the stunning news ...

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