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Ferguson and New York

The other day a friend remarked with surprise that I hadn’t done a post on the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri.  I hadn’t because I mostly limit my blogging to topics on which I feel I have something to say ...

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The Clinton Worldview

Hillary has clarified.   She says that she really didn’t mean to attack President Obama’s foreign policies in that Atlantic interview last week.   Maybe.  But she did very clearly mean to stake out a position to the hawkish right of the ...

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Iraq, Again

A couple of months ago, I said that it was hard to know the right course for the US in dealing with developments in Iraq, and that President Obama’s cautious approach was “about right.”  Circumstances have changed, but my basic ...

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Gaza—Where From Here?

Jimmy Carter has sometimes been called the greatest US ex-president.  I’m not sure about that—I would probably name John Quincy Adams for that distinction, and William Howard Taft might also be a contender.   Still, there is no doubt that Carter’s ...

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