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The Puzzle of Obama’s Unpopularity

President Obama’s popularity, measured in opinion poll approval ratings, has been sagging badly lately, to the considerable benefit of the Republicans’ election prospects this year. Democratic candidates are almost universally avoiding identification with the president and his policies; one Senate ...

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Hamas: An Added Note

A friend of mine has reacted to my post of 10/7 with the correct observation that there is, indeed, a basis for believing that Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel—that objective is in Hamas’s charter.  I didn’t discuss ...

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Midterm Elections 2014

I don’t have any special insights to offer about the upcoming elections.  I see no basis, other than wishful thinking, to challenge the consensus of the prognosticators that the Republicans are likely to win control of the Senate.  That would ...

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What Does Hamas Want?

Once again I find myself taking issue with a generally admirable op-ed column by the NY Times’ Roger Cohen.   Lamenting the inability of many Israelis and other Jews to recognize the humanity of the Palestinians, Cohen mentions in passing that ...

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In contemplating evil, to understand is not to justify

How are we to make sense of a phenomenon like ISIL?  A group of human beings who engage in acts of unspeakable cruelty with no apparent compunctions whatsoever.    In a powerful column yesterday, the NY Times’ Roger Cohen argues that ...

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