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The Greeks Say “Enough”

You don’t often find Paul Krugman and the Wall Street Journal editorial page in agreement, but this morning they did agree on one thing: the austerity that has been inflicted on Greece has been short-sighted and destructive, and the smashing ...

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It’s Official: Republican Senators Deny Science, 49-5

In a series of resolutions introduced in the Senate, Democrats have used the debate over the Keystone pipeline to get Republicans to go on record on their views on climate change.   Remarkably, practically all Senate Republicans are willing to acknowledge ...

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President Obama on the State of the Union

President Obama in his SOTU address has proposed a number of worthwhile initiatives that he knows have no chance of passage.   Many Republicans were outraged. Doesn’t he know that he lost the last (midterm) elections? How dare he propose ...

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The Problem of Police Racism

In my last post I noted without elaboration that the problem of police racism is neither simple nor straightforward.  Now I’ll try to explain. First, we need to consider the nature of contemporary racism in the United States. For centuries, ...

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De Blasio and the Police (III)

An op-ed in today’s New York Times, “Why we’re so Mad at de Blasio,” provides a good, reasonable statement of the NYC police case against the mayor. But it’s not good enough. The author is Steve Osborne, a retired NYC ...

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