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Torture: Effectiveness vs. Morality

In my post following the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on torture, I raised some doubts about the committee’s finding that torture had never been effective since 9/11. I suggested that the majority Democrats on the committee may have overstated their ...

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The Right on Obama and the Terrorists

President Obama has come under fire from the right lately for his failure to use phrases like “Islamic radicalism” in characterizing the terrorist threats facing the West. Obama knows what he’s doing. To characterize the threats as “Islamic” would play ...

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Bittman’s Wisdom

I’ve never paid any attention to Mark Bittman–not out of hostility, just that I don’t normally read about food. But I couldn’t help noticing his op-ed in today’s NY Times, and I was impressed.   I especially want to point to ...

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The Statesman, the Senator and the Agitators

Last week Henry Kissinger was expatiating before a Senate committee when he was rudely interrupted. A bunch of females suddenly swarmed around the elder statesman, dangling handcuffs around his head and proclaiming him a war criminal. They were quickly whisked ...

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Moulitsas on Obama

I always enjoy reading stuff by well-known commentators that more or less repeats stuff that I’ve been saying for years. So, I was happy to see Marcos Moulitsas, the founder of the popular Daily Kos website, reflecting on the uncharacteristic ...

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