I always enjoy reading stuff by well-known commentators that more or less repeats stuff that I’ve been saying for years. So, I was happy to see Marcos Moulitsas, the founder of the popular Daily Kos website, reflecting on the uncharacteristic feistiness President Obama has been showing lately, most notably in his State of the Union address. This, from Moulitsas, could have been written by me, except that the language is maybe a bit more colorful than what you typically get from me:

Just imagine if Obama had governed like this from Day One, instead of wasting years of his life trying to make nice with an intractable and hostile Republican Party. The biggest failure of Obama’s presidency was believing his campaign bullshit about “bringing the country together.” You can only make peace with a foe when they are ready to make peace, and Republicans are on a holy war to destroy everything that is good and noble about government. They have no interest in peace or compromise for the public good, they believe only in scorched-earth war. And worse of all, it’s not as if they pretended otherwise. They were very clear from the start: their job was to make Obama a one-term president, and they did everything in their power to destroy him and his legislative efforts.


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