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Friedman on the TPP

Surprise! Thomas Friedman is in favor of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).  I‘m kidding about the surprise, of course: Friedman’s support for the TPP was entirely predictable. The TPP, as I argued in my earlier post, isn’t mainly about trade; ...

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The American Prospect at 25

After citing The Nation’s 125th Anniversary issue in my last post, I realized that I really ought to give a shout-out to another of my favorite magazines that has just had an anniversary. The American Prospect, a monthly journal of politics ...

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He ain’t seen nuthin’ yet (Or: Everything is relative)

The 150th Anniversary edition of The Nation magazine, out last week, is a fun read, with reprints of articles dating back to the time of the journal’s early years by the likes of Henry James, Fredrick Law Olmstead, and H.L. ...

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Rand Paul and the Political Limits of Libertarianism

It’s official: Rand Paul, the libertarian conservative Republican senator from Kentucky, is running for president. He doesn’t have a chance. Rand’s lack of prospects says a great deal about the political limitations of his libertarian creed and its relationship to ...

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The TPP: “Free Trade” Protectionism

On one side of the issue are the Sierra Club and most environmental organizations, the left-leaning consumer group Public Citizen, organized labor and the majority of Democrats in Congress. On the other side are the Chamber of Commerce, most of ...

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