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Those Lefty Democrats

The New York Times has long included among its columnists a number of conservatives, presumably out of a desire to demonstrate an openness to diverse viewpoints by the otherwise liberal newspaper. Its two most prominent house conservatives, David Brooks and ...

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The 2016 Horserace

The horserace, of course, is for the presidency. We are still 18 months away from the election, but the many aspirants and pretend-aspirants to the top job in the US are already busy raising money and running around the country, ...

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Democrats Divided

The surprising rebuke that Senate Democrats delivered to President Obama on Tuesday has been reversed. A bi-partisan agreement among supporters of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will enable debate to proceed on the president’s requested fast-track authority. Whatever its outcome, ...

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Free Speech and Bigotry

There should be no question that Pamela Geller had a right to organize the contest that became a target for two jihadist would-be assassins.   There can be no excuse for the jihadists’ assault, which surely qualifies as an act of ...

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