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Obamacare and the Court

The US Supreme Court is a supremely political institution, and no case illustrates that reality better than the just decided King vs. Burwell. Strictly on its merits, KvB should never have gone to the Court, because the plaintiffs’ case against ...

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Charleston, etc.

So, the Confederate flag will probably come down from the South Carolina state capitol grounds, as it should.   I have no patience with those who assert that the flag is a legitimate symbol of the South’s heritage. Yes, it is ...

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Brooks on the TPP

David Brooks is very upset at the Democrats for torpedoing President Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership. The Democrats’ move threatens to impoverish the world’s poor, damage the American economy and stifle innovation. It even imperils world peace, in a mini-version of ...

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More on how we got the TPP that we got

For those of you interested in learning more about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), this article by David Deyen in The American Prospect is must reading.  Among other things, Deyen does something I haven’t seen anybody else do: scrutinize the ...

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Once Again: Why is the TPP bad, and Why is Obama Promoting it?

I’ve dealt with both of these questions already, but re-reading the relevant posts, I realized there were points I would have liked to develop but left at best implicit, so here I go again. First: what’s wrong with the TPP ...

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