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“Occupation” as Euphemism

In an unusual NY Times op-ed, Palestinian activist Nasser Nawaja describes the ordeal of his West Bank village, Susiya, under threat of Israeli demolition.   The homes of some 340 Palestinians are slated to be destroyed on the grounds that they ...

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The Iran Deal

Yesterday’s front-page headlines in New York’s two leading newspapers provided an interesting contrast. The NY Times, in one of its rare full-banner headlines, proclaimed WORLD LEADERS STRIKE AGREEMENT WITH IRAN TO CURB NUCLEAR ABILITY AND LIFT SANCTIONS. The World Street ...

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Wow! Bernie Sanders is nippin’ at Hillary Clinton’s heals in Iowa and New Hampshire. The latest polls show Bernie just 8 to 12 points behind Hillary among New Hampshire Democrats; in Iowa, one-third of likely Democratic caucus-goers say they prefer ...

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The Greek Drama

A just solution to the disaster enveloping Greece would involve a massive write-down of Greek debt. That is not going to happen, so in the upcoming referendum the Greek people are faced with a choice between two horrible alternatives. A ...

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