In one of my many posts on the craziness of the contemporary Republican Party I recently observed that

…various polls of Republican voters since Obama entered the White House have shown that considerably more than 25% believed 1) that Obama was not born in the US 2) that he is a Muslim…

Note my use of the present perfect tense: I hadn’t seen any recent polls on these subjects, so I couldn’t be sure that these beliefs continued to hold at similar levels among Republicans. Today, thanks to a link from a flabbergasted Kevin Drum at Mother Jones, I can provide confirmation of the persistence of mass delusion in one of our two major political parties.   A new poll indicates that 54% of Republican voters still think Barack Obama is a Muslim, and only 29% believe that he was born in the United States.   Would it surprise you to learn that among Republicans who favor Donald Trump for their party’s presidential nominee, the numbers are even more striking? 66% of Trump supporters believe that the president is a Muslim; a scant 21% believe that he was born in this country.   Trump taps into Republican craziness like no other candidate, which is largely why no other candidate is even close behind.

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