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Cruz on Condescension

Recently the state of Alabama shut down 31 offices that provide driver’s licenses— documents required in order to cast a vote. When Hillary Clinton criticized this move as an attempt to restrict access to the voting booth, Senator Ted Cruz ...

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Is Ideological Consistency the Problem with our Parties?

The lead article in yesterday’s New York Times “Sunday Review” section argues that the mess in Washington is largely caused by the fact that our two political parties have each become too coherent ideologically: The idea of two ideologically consistent, ...

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The Republicans Debate, Again

I had vowed not to watch last night’s GOP debate. There was no chance it would be in any way illuminating, only a painful waste of time. But the temptation was too strong—maybe some kind of masochistic impulse—and I watched…for ...

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Terror and Politics

It is the nature of terrorism to have greater psychological than physical impact.   That is the point: to sow fear—terror, after all, is pervasive, randomized fear—that far exceeds the death and destruction that the terrorists are actually capable of inflicting. ...

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