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Israel/Palestine: One State or Two?

A few weeks ago the NY Times’ Thomas Friedman, surveying the mess that is the Middle East today and reflecting on US policymakers’ proclivity for wishful thinking, dropped a bombshell: Start with Israel. The peace process is dead. It’s over, ...

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A chess tournament this Presidents’ Day weekend kept me busy, so I didn’t have the time to comment on the death of Antonin Scalia, but I can’t let this occasion pass without a post. Scalia was a major actor in ...

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Campaign Follies

I wasn’t intending to watch Saturday night’s GOP candidates’ debate, but I had taped it just in case.   After seeing and reading some of the commentary, I broke down: how could anyone to the left of John Kasich not delight ...

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For the Democrats, a tie vote, which means nothing changes. Sanders remains a viable candidate, and will continue to keep Clinton busy even after his win in New Hampshire, but Clinton will win the nomination. I continue to think that ...

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