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The State of the GOP

Let us pause for a moment amidst this topsy-turvy presidential election year to contemplate the state of the Grand Old Party.   The GOP is set to nominate as its candidate for President of the United States a hatemongering, clinically narcissistic ...

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What HRC Isn’t & What She Is

Two articles in yesterday’s NY Times usefully shed light on the probable 2016 Democratic nominee for president . Hillary-haters ought to read Nicholas Kristof’s op.ed. Kristof debunks the myth that Hillary is an exceptionally devious or mendacious or shifty politician. ...

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Bernie’s Choice

A New Republic article by Jeet Heer nicely captures my thinking about the Bernie Sanders phenomenon while at the same time reflecting the concerns that I and some commenters have been expressing in my last couple of posts.   The title ...

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The Hillary and Bernie Show

I didn’t expect much enlightenment from last night’s debate and I didn’t get any. I was a bit disturbed to see the tone become noticeably sharper than in probably all the previous debates, and I thought the weight of the ...

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Realism and Revolution

Bernie Sanders’ win in Wisconsin shows that his candidacy is very much alive and kicking. That, in my opinion, is a good thing, because Sanders’ success demonstrates that large numbers of Americans want to stop this country’s drift toward plutocracy.   ...

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