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Stuck with Hillary

No question about it, and no way to spin it. The State Department report on Hillary Clinton’s e-mails is damaging. It reinforces popular negatives that continue to dog Hillary—arrogant, presumptuous, secretive, stubborn and not entirely honest.   Particularly disturbing—indeed incomprehensible—is the ...

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Democrats at War

It is painful for me to acknowledge that the Democratic presidential nominating contest is getting out of hand, and that the weight of responsibility for that unhappy development rests with my candidate, Bernie Sanders.   I wouldn’t begin to try to ...

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Facebook Should Just Say No

In a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Sen. John Thune has voiced concerns that Facebook’s “Trending Topics” section is biased against conservative viewpoints. Thune wants Zuckerberg to explain its organizational structure and processes for “Trending Topics” and ...

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Cruz’s Excellent Diatribe

Excellent? Me, say that about Ted Cruz? Have I ever had anything good to say about Cruz? I don’t think so, but I really do feel compelled to report on his press conference yesterday morning, which seems to have gotten ...

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