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Brexit and the US

The Brexit vote inevitably invites comparison to the upcoming presidential election in the United States.   It’s clear that Brexit wasn’t just a vote to leave the European Union: It was a vote against immigration, laden with racial fears and resentment. ...

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I’ve been on vacation the last couple of weeks in wondrous, beautiful, unreal Switzerland,* so I’m taking the lazy blogger’s way out and linking to a couple of other bloggers with minimal comments of my own. I haven’t followed the ...

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“We wuz robbed!” That is the contention of a not insignificant number of voices on the Internet who believe that the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination has been riddled with election fraud, that a clean contest might have made ...

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Trump and the Media

Donald Trump is pissed at the media, or, at least, so he says. In  a news conference on Tuesday, Trump lambasted the media as “not good people,” “extremely dishonest” and “sleazy,” among other epithets.  What ingratitude! The media have been ...

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