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The Hypopartisan Convention

I thought the Democrats did a good job in Philadelphia. Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech reminded us that her oratorical skills fall short of Bill’s or Barack’s, but after a rather wooden start, she loosened up and gave a pretty good ...

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The Republicans Convene

I watched very little of the GOP convention. I just couldn’t bring myself to subject myself to the predictable mix of nonsense, hysteria and vitriol that was to pour forth from the podium. I did tune in now and then, ...

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Short Takes

Bernie Endorses Hillary Bernie’s timing was, I think, just right. A lot of Democrats were understandably impatient for Sanders to move on, accept defeat and begin to help unite the party against Trump. But Sanders hasn’t been  running just to ...

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Hillary’s E-mails, Redux

I don’t really want to blog about Hillary’s e-mails, but the topic really is unavoidable, isn’t it? I don’t see that the FBI report adds much new information to what was known after the State Department Inspector General’s report was ...

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