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The Clinton Foundation Brouhaha

The Associated Press has come out with a story showing that a majority of non-governmental individuals that Hillary met with as Secretary of State during a selected period had been donors to the Clinton Foundation. The reasonable concern is that ...

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Is Trump right about anything?

Well, yes, much as I hate to say it, he’s sort of right about a few things, mainly in foreign policy.   And now that he’s tanking in the polls, I can shed my reluctance to acknowledge his very limited merits. ...

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Trump and the Media (II)

Just a quick post today, since I can’t resist an “I told you so,” or, rather a “You heard it from me first” opportunity. A little over two months ago, I predicted that the mass media’s treatment of Donald Trump ...

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The Non-dis-endorsers

President Obama has posed a question and a challenge to the numerous Republican leaders who have repeatedly found themselves disavowing one or another outrageous statement by Donald Trump but who still continue to endorse him: What does it take before ...

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Bounce, Bounce

It almost invariably happens that a presidential candidate gets a “bounce” in the polls following his/her party’s convention.  It even happened after the Republican grotesquerie in Cleveland: Donald Trump actually surged to a small lead over Hillary Clinton in most ...

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