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Hillary’s Dilemma

Here is a small prediction for tonight’s debate: the word “Republican” will not cross Hillary Clinton’s lips. (Exception: she might choose to avoid saying Trump’s name by referring to “the Republican presidential nominee.”) Why not? Because Clinton’s main strategy for ...

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So, what might there be in those tax returns?

Hillary Clinton is undoubtedly correct that Donald Trump is hiding something in refusing to release his tax returns. What might that something be? We can only speculate. Surprisingly, I haven’t seen much speculation in the media, so I am offering ...

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Oh, yeah—It’s pneumonia

I have repeatedly set aside my reservations about Hillary Clinton to point out that the exaggerated distrust and even hatred with which much of the public views her is mostly irrational, a product of the demonization of her and her ...

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The mini-pre-quasi-debate

It is now widely agreed that Mat Lauer did a poor job in hosting the presidential candidates’ national security forum on Wednesday. Word is that even at NBC, the host network, the assessment is that the forum was a “disaster.” ...

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Trump, Hate Speech and the Media

Today I’m going to resort to that lazy blogger’s device that I have used only very occasionally in the past: a link to a highly recommended post, with minimal commentary of my own.  The poster is TPM’s josh Marshall.  His ...

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