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Short Takes

Chomsky on the Election Noam Chomsky, the illustrious subject of my book, is surely the best-known personage on what remains of the radical left in the United States.  Unsurprisingly, Chomsky supported Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination.  Perhaps less ...

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The Final Debate

I haven’t been very good at picking the winners of these debates. Right after the first debate, before hearing any commentary, I thought it was roughly a draw—not in terms of the objective merits of the two candidates’ pronouncements, but ...

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The Mayor, the Tabloid and the Times

New York City’s Mayor Bill De Blasio has had it with the New York Post. On Thursday, the mayor described the tabloid as a “right-wing rag” and pointedly refused to take a question from one of it reporters. Later, in an ...

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I’m voting for Hillary

I’m sure this endorsement comes as no surprise to most of my regular readers, but in fact it’s not as unproblematic as you might think. I live and vote in New York. As we all know, the president is actually ...

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