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Israel, The US, and the World

The  UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel’s colonization of the West Bank–passed by a 14-0 vote– should be uncontroversial. It merely states the overwhelming international consensus that Israel’s land grab is a flagrant violation of international law. Even if you ...

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Political Legitimacy in the Time of Trump

“Not my President!” is what at least one sign read during a recent anti-Trump demonstration. A perfectly understandable sentiment, but problematic. The plain, ugly fact is that Trump will actually be our president. I think it’s wrong, both in principle ...

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Yes, It’s that bad.

It’s been over five weeks since the unthinkable happened, and sadly, there is no reason at this point to think that our worst fears were less than justified. In my first post-election post, I predicted that Trump’s victory would embolden ...

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Inevitable Inequality?

Two good articles in today’s NY Times focus on the increasingly timely topic of economic inequality. One article covers the findings of a team of economists that economic inequality in the United States has burgeoned over the course of the ...

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Query to Readers

Google Analytics supplies me with statistics on the readership of this website—total readers, location by country and city, time spent on the site, etc. I’ve been happy to note a very substantial increase in readership this past month, which I ...

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