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Mendacity or Delusion?

You already know who this post is about, don’t you? In this blog I have repeatedly pointed to Donald Trump’s habitual, brazen mendacity—an utter disregard for the truth that is surely unprecedented among US presidents. But what if Trump actually ...

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Trump the Transgressive

There are two broad reasons for being appalled at the Trump presidency. One is that this now appears almost certain to be the most radically reactionary administration in American history. The second is that Donald Trump is a sociopath–psychologically unfit ...

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Obama’s Legacy (II): Foreign Policy

Okay, since you know that I’m going to point to the empty upper half of the glass, I’ll start with the half-full part. President Obama’s foreign policy accomplishments are considerable, and whatever his successor does, they will have lasting value ...

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Obama’s Legacy (I): Domestic Policy and Politics

It’s natural that at this point in his presidency people have started talking about President Obama’s legacy, a topic that takes on particular poignancy in view of the presidential election result. Of course, history may well have a different verdict ...

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The Syrian Tragedy

I don’t know if Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut is generally regarded as a rising Democratic star on foreign policy issues, but he should be. His op-ed on Syria in today’s NY Times makes eminent good sense, as he usually ...

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