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Donald’s Dagger Wielded by Judge Jeanine

OK, so I’m already breaking my vow to try not to write all the time about Trump’s awfulness, but this is irresistible. Also, I have the excuse that it’s apparently not getting the attention it deserves. Yesterday morning, our Tweeter ...

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Blogging in the Time of Trump

I have a small confession to make. Even though I post hardly once a week on the average, and even though I’ve barely touched on a number of troubling aspects of the Trump presidency—for example, the vast conflicts of interest, ...

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Bravo Bernie

Repeating a charge that he has made on previous occasions, Bernie Sanders has called Donald Trump a shameless liar. That might seem unremarkable, since Trump is, demonstrably, just that. But I don’t think any other major US politician has come ...

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How to Beat Trump

Now that I’ve caught your attention, I will admit that I don’t have any magic answer to this question, which undoubtedly is gong to be foremost in the minds of progressives for the next four (hopefully no more than four) ...

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