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Trump the Revolutionary?

One of the front page commentaries in today’s NY Times “Sunday Review” proclaims a new, revolutionized Republican Party, thanks to Donald Trump. The party of Ronald Reagan is dead, the author, R.R. Reno, claims. Trump has overturned traditional Republican/conservative themes ...

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Ideology, Pragmatism and Bernie

It is commonplace in our political discourse to treat the words “ideological” and “pragmatic” as practically antonyms. According to the conventional wisdom, pragmatists understand that social and political change is usually gradual and incremental; they keenly appreciate the practical obstacles ...

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The Partisan Chasm

In these polarized times, people tend to avoid talking about politics at holiday family get-togethers. I don’t usually encounter that phenomenon: most of my holidays, it happens, are spent with friends and family whose views are predominantly progressive.  There are ...

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Striking Syria

I’m frankly ambivalent about the US airstrikes in Syria.  Arguably, they are an appropriately measured response to an atrocity.   As long as they are no more than that—as long as they are a one-time demonstration and not a prelude to ...

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The Battle over Gorsuch

Democrats are fighting a losing battle. The Senate in a couple of days will surely confirm Neil Gorsuch as the newest justice of the Supreme Court. But it’s a battle that nevertheless must be fought. Let’s first dispose of the ...

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