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Donald in Palestine

Donald Trump fancies himself the world’s greatest deal-maker, and now he’s pitching himself as the man to broker the deal that finally ends the historic conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Trump’s angle is to stress that if Israel wants ...

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Donald in Arabia

Donald Trump has gotten rather positive press coverage for his address to the Saudis. Remember his State of the Union address? Whenever Trump talks for more than 5 minutes without making an obvious ass of himself, people start calling him ...

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Dinner at the White House

Donald Trump and James Comey had dinner at the White House on January 27, just the two of them together. Quite an unusual tete a tete, wouldn’t you think—the President of the United States entertaining a lowly FBI Director at ...

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The Firing of Comey

Strictly speaking, Comey deserved to be fired. He deserved to be fired for the reasons laid out by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in his memo to his boss Jeff Sessions. Comey’s pronouncements about his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails ...

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