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Sen. Hatch defends civility

Sen. Bernie Sanders has offended Sen. Orin hatch. In a tweet, Sen. Sanders charged that the Republican healthcare bill now going through Congress would, if passed, kill thousands of people. Sen. Hatch’s office counter-tweeted, “The brief time when we were ...

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“When the distinction between truth and lies disappears…”

The Trump presidency is ugly, destructive and dangerous in hundreds of large and small ways, so the president’s habitual, uninhibited mendacity might seem like just…well, whatever is the opposite of the icing on the cake (the turd on the top ...

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Short Takes

SURPRISE—No Tapes! Did anybody really believe that Trump had tapes of his conversations with Comey? What does surprise me is that all the commentators I’ve seen have expressed puzzlement at Trump’s motives for the ruse, speculating that he was trying ...

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What to do about North Korea?

The death of Otto Warmbier after captivity in North Korea serves as a reminder—if anybody needed one—that the regime in Pyongyang is brutal as well as bizarre. What should the United States do? Sanctions can be ratcheted up, but the ...

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Pragmatism and the Democratic Divide

The lead article in today’s NY Times reports on a “deepening divide” within the Democratic Party as the party’s base tilts towards the left. The 2016 election debacle and its catastrophic consequences have evoked a rising tide of activism aimed ...

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One for the Forces of Darkness

So, the struggle between the forces of darkness and the forces of…well, not exactly light, but relative sanity… continues in the Trump entourage.   Not long ago, the pundits were reporting on how Jared Kushner—a leader of the sane faction—had managed ...

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