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Tweet of the Day

From the Tweeter in Chief, around 5:30 AM this morning, just hours before firing Anthony Scaramucci as WH Communications Director: No WH chaos!” It’s not clear whether this was a claim as to fact (“There is no chaos at the ...

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Spectacle in DC

What has been happening on Capitol Hill over the past few days is crazy, sleazy and deplorable. Majority Leader McConnell has sought to pass several different versions of a bill that was drafted in secret by a small group of ...

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Trumpcare RIP

First, let’s be clear: “Trumpcare” is a misnomer for the awful legislative proposal that has just hit the dust. Beyond egging the Congressional Republicans on, Trump had nothing to do with their proposal: he hardly knew what was in it, ...

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Liberal Condescension?

There’s a narrative that has long been a staple theme on the American right, but has won increasing credence recently on the left as well.   The narrative is about liberal smugness, condescension, and elitism. Liberals, it is said, look down ...

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