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Donald Trump has unveiled his new strategy for our war in Afghanistan: more of the same. Under the cover of characteristically bombastic rhetoric promising victory, Trump is staying the course left by Obama. Trump’s announcement has been widely criticized in ...

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What Free World?

In well-justified revulsion at Trump’s post-Charlottesville statements, several commentators I’ve seen in the past week have uttered variations on the idea that Trump’s stance was unfit for the leader of the free world.  I can’t help wincing a bit on ...

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Robert E. Trump

It has always been astounding to me that symbols of the Confederacy could enjoy any legitimacy whatsoever in American politics and society.   The Confederacy was, after all, a revolt against the United States of America. It was a revolt whose ...

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What to do about North Korea? (II)

Just a short post today, since, given the headlines, I feel as though I have to return to this subject, even though I said most of what needs to be said in my earlier post. We are not in a ...

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