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Mueller Strikes

I have mostly abstained from blogging on the Mueller investigation and the whole question of Trump campaign connections with the Kremlin, largely because from the beginning I have always been more impressed by what we don’t know than what we ...

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Enough, Already

Donald Trump is a narcissistic boor with a seriously impaired capacity for empathy with other human beings.  Those personality characteristics explain his tactless choice of language in his condolence call to the widow of the slain serviceman, David Johnson.  And ...

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Columbus Day

I’ve never been a believer in ethnic pride, so Columbus Day has never been a particularly important date for me. Nowadays, of course, Columbus has fallen into justified disrepute, his cruelties to the unfortunate inhabitants of the lands he “discovered” ...

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The Politics of Protest

In an earlier post, I supported the NFL “kneelers” protests as justified and appropriate. But I didn’t deal with a very important relevant issue: the political consequences of the protests. David Leonhardt took up that issue in his op-ed in ...

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America’s Exceptional Gun Problem

I was planning to do a follow-up post today on the NFL protest controversy, but in the wake of the horror in Las Vegas, it’s hard to talk about anything else, isn’t it?  The case for sane gun control laws ...

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