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Mendacity or Delusion? (II)

Some recent statements reportedly made in private by Donald Trump have prompted renewed interest in a question I raised months ago: Is Trump just a bald-faced liar or does he actually believe some or many of the falsehoods that he ...

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Powerful Men Behaving Badly

So, it seems, men are pigs. Not all men, of course, but evidently a far larger percentage of our male population than I would have imagined just a short time ago. Hopefully, the revelations of the last couple of months ...

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The Russia Problem

Every once in a while Donald Trump says something that makes sense. For example, he has just asserted, “I want to solve North Korea Syria, Ukraine, terrorism, and Russia can greatly help!” It is indeed true that a more harmonious ...

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After Virginia

The victory of Democrat Ralph Northam in Virginia’s gubernatorial election this week was an important and necessary triumph for decency in American politics. Republican Ed Gillespie had run a Trumpist campaign of racial fear-mongering. Had he won, Republicans across the ...

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Short Takes

Two very good articles that appeared in the last few days take up themes I’ve addressed in past posts. Crazy Republicans–Longtime readers may recall that I devoted several posts to trying to understand the radicalization of the Republican Party over ...

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