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How big is Trump’s base?

We hear all the time about Donald Trump’s “base”: that hard core of fervent supporters who see Trump as some kind of Second Coming, America’s savior who can do practically no wrong. We know that Trump is continually motivated by ...

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Oprah for President?

I didn’t watch the Golden Globes ceremony on television, but I caught Oprah Winfrey’s acceptance speech on Youtube. It was very powerful; all the more impressive for having been delivered (I assume) without benefit of a teleprompter. So now, there’s ...

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A New Year’s Movie Recommendation

Happy New Year! When have I ever made a movie recommendation on this blog?  Actually, never.  So, since I am doing that today, you know it must be with good reason.  “The Post” is terrific, a true must-see.  Not only ...

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