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Which way for the Democrats?

Right now prospects are looking pretty good* for the Democrats to re-take the majority in the House of Representatives in September, with an outside chance even of re-taking the Senate. These prospective victories will be critical to limiting the damage ...

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Striking Syria (II)

My view of the Trump administration’s action is not much different from my reaction to the previous strike on Syria.  I don’t have any strong objection to a one-time punitive strike in reaction to an atrocity, as long as it ...

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Of Chimps and Abortion

I was struck by the relevance to each other of two completely unrelated articles in today’s NY Times “Review” section. The first was an op-ed by Ross Douthat devoted to a denunciation of “abortion extremists” who would countenance abortion in ...

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Organized by Hamas, the Palestinian demonstration on Friday along the Israeli border was arguably not a model of peaceful protest: people threw Molotov cocktails and hurled burning tires toward the security barriers. According to one unconfirmed report, somebody fired some ...

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