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Thanks, Tom Friedman

Thomas Friedman has a much larger readership than I have (needless to say). So, I was very happy to see that Friedman’s op-ed today so well expresses some of my own views, making points that I have made repeatedly in ...

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How could it happen here?

Lots of commentators, including yours truly, have been sounding the alarm that Donald Trump poses a threat to American democracy. Since I don’t like to repeat myself, I’m not going to re-state the case for viewing Trump as an aspiring ...

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Gaza (II)

Here is a quick update of the casualty figures I reported in my last post on this subject: Palestinians killed       100+ Palestinians injured   many thousands Israelis killed               0 Israelis injured       ...

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Impeachment (II)

Just a short post today, to clarify and qualify my last post on this subject. In that post, I argued that impeachment of Donald Trump was 1) the right thing to do—that is, justified on constitutional grounds, and 2) the ...

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Credit where credit is due

Modestly disclaiming credit for himself, South Korean President Moon Jae-in has said that if anyone deserves a Nobel prize for bringing peace to Korea, it’s Donald Trump. You don’t need to have watched Fox News; you can just imagine the ...

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