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Tolerance, Civility and Respect in the Age of Trump

Recent events have raised questions about appropriate behavior in confronting the extraordinary ugliness of the Trump presidency. First, Samantha Bee calls Ivanka Trump a “cunt.” Then Robert DeNiro shouts “Fuck Trump” to a cheering Tony awards audience. More recently Sarah ...

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The Mean Party

Kevin Drum has put it so succinctly and well that I will simply reproduce without further comment his post today: Donald Trump has made plain what’s long lurked barely below the surface of American politics: it’s not so much a ...

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Summit in Singapore

The Trump-Kim summit is a positive small step. Positive because it is better than the incipient crisis that the reckless behavior of these two men created only months ago. It could, possibly, lead to a more secure peace for Korea. ...

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Donald in Quebec

Donald Trump has few fixed convictions. His views on abortion rights, climate change and gun control all underwent convenient conversions when he decided to seek the Republican presidential nomination. But let’s give him credit for something—one thing he seems to ...

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