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Which way for the Democrats? (II)

The question that I raised in a post a few months ago has gotten a lot of play in the media lately, probably sparked by the surprise victory of the self-described socialist, neophyte Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, in a New York ...

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Donald and the Russia Problem

Donald Trump has repeatedly resisted the irresistible conclusion that Vladimir Putin did what he could to put Trump in the White House.  Now, the summit meeting in Helsinki has forced him to be explicit: to say that he believes Putin, ...

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Willful Ideology or Defective Personality?

Donald Trump’s apparent willingness to bust up NATO and the European Union, together with his penchant for starting trade wars and his repeatedly expressed affinity with autocratic strongmen, have led a lot of commentators to bemoan the threat he poses ...

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The president sticks it to the allies, again

In evident anticipation of the upcoming NATO summit, Donald Trump has written strongly worded letters to many of our NATO allies complaining that they don’t spend enough on defense. This is an old complaint by US presidents, of course, but ...

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