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Kavanaugh at War

I have no serious doubt that Christine Blasey Ford told the truth to the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday. But let’s be as charitable as we can to Brett Kavanaugh. It is conceivable, as I suggested parenthetically in an earlier post, ...

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Curious Kavanaugh

It hasn’t gotten nearly as much attention as it deserves, especially in light of recent developments.  I am therefore reproducing some excerpts from Brett Kavanaugh’s August 1998 memo to his boss, Kenneth Starr, suggesting questions to be posed to Bill ...

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He said….She said…

In the absence of witnesses willing to testify, it will probably be impossible to know with reasonable certainty who is telling the truth–Brett Kavanaugh or Christine Blasey Ford—about their alleged encounter 35 years ago. But there is a pretty straightforward ...

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Sorry, Paul

I have had many occasions to praise Paul Krugman in this blog, so for once you’re going to see me criticize him. In his column today, Krugman heaps practically all the blame on the Republicans for the weak economic recovery ...

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Woodward’s New Book

Just a short post today to provide a link, because I couldn’t resist passing this on.  The title tells it all: ” Donald Trump Is an Unhinged, Lying, Fifth-Grade, Goddamn Dumbbell—And That’s Just What His Friends Say“

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