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Asymmetric Craziness

Whenever I hear someone bemoaning the dangerous polarization of our politics, I unerringly point out that the polarization is asymmetric. The term “political polarization” suggests two political parties and their respective supporting networks moving away from the center in roughly ...

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Which Way for the Democrats? (III)

I expect I’ll be doing posts with this title for some time to come; we’ll see how large the Roman numeral gets. Hillary Clinton chimed in the other day on a “which way” issue; not right vs. left, but high ...

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What we need

I am now convinced that the Republican Party must suffer repeated and devastating defeats. It must pay a heavy price for its embrace of white nationalism and know-nothingism. Only if the GOP as currently constituted is burned to the ground ...

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Collins’s Presumption

You don’t need me to add to the opprobrium that has been justly hurled at Susan Collins for her miserable performance in the Ford-Kavanaugh drama. I do, however, want to focus on one issue that Collins raised that has an ...

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