I am now convinced that the Republican Party must suffer repeated and devastating defeats. It must pay a heavy price for its embrace of white nationalism and know-nothingism. Only if the GOP as currently constituted is burned to the ground will there be any chance to build a reasonable center-right political party out of the ashes.”

—-from The Corrosion of Conservatism, by repentant neo-conservative Max Boot

Sound familiar? That might be because you’re a regular reader of this blog, in which I recently repeated my longstanding contention that

…[W]e cannot have, will not have, a decent politics in this country without a dramatic transformation of the Republican Party. That’s not going to happen until the GOP suffers a series of historic, crushing defeats at the polls.”




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  1. Bill Anscher October 12, 2018 at 5:15 pm

    And of course this will happen only if the American voters (in particular the sane/moderate/liberal ones) show a lot more concern than they have so far by coming out to vote. Despite all the predictions of a Democratic rout, I am not convinced this will happen in 2018.

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