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An exceptional liar

Here I am blogging yet again about Donald Trump’s mendacity, but the guy really is remarkable. Speaking to assembled troops in Iraq, Trump claimed to have given them a whopping 10% raise. The president recounted how he generously over-ruled the ...

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Leaving Syria

The United States has never had any good options in confronting the grim realities of the Syrian civil war. Trump’s decision to get out may or may not be a good one. It may not have been made for the ...

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More on the GHW Bush Legacy

I only touched on one strikingly negative aspect of the GHW Bush legacy in my last post, but this is a pretty good compendium of Bush’s offenses that I mostly agree with. The tone is relentlessly harsh and the numbers cited ...

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Remembering Willie Horton

The custom of saying only good things about the recently departed is well-established and mostly harmless in everyday life, but it should be rooted out of our public discourse. The death of a major political figure is and should be ...

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