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Medicare for All?

Everybody seems to be talking about how the Democratic Party is moving to the left these days in response to an increasingly aroused base. I’m happy about that, but I do worry about some of the policy proposals that come ...

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Trump’s Advantage

A kidnapper demands ransom, and his threat to kill the abducted child is credible. Assuming the child’s parents have the means to pay the ransom, is there any reason they would not yield? The only reason I can think of ...

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Elizabeth Warren

I’ve been putting off blogging about any of the numerous prospective Democratic 2020 presidential candidates, but of course there was no way that I was going to maintain that restraint. We now have one big-name prospective candidate who has declared, ...

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The Wall and the Shutdown, Made Simple

Happy New Year!  It certainly promises to be an interesting year politically. I haven’t paid close attention to the various partisan maneuvers over the federal government shutdown. There really are only a few basic things to be kept in mind. ...

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