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More on Bernie, etc.

Just a quickie today, to pass on this fine piece by Eric Alterman, following up on my recent post on Bernie Sanders. The main thrust of it is that Bernie is too vulnerable to GOP smear attacks and therefore too ...

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Barr. vs. Mueller

It’s a pretty safe assumption that Robert Mueller wrote an executive summary for his report. It’s also pretty safe to assume that such a summary would not contain classified information. So, why did William Barr write his own summary of ...

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Which Way for the Democrats? (IV)

The question that I’ve raised in earlier posts—whether Democrats’ political prospects are better advanced with a relatively centrist or with a more leftist, progressive policy approach and strategy—has continued to generate controversy. Even the normally lay-back Jimmy Carter got into ...

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Omar and Dual Loyalty

I do hope this is the last post I do on this topic. Let’s be clear: Ilan Omar did not accuse Jews of dual loyalty.  Her remarks should be read in full context, which is usefully quoted by Phyllis Bennis, ...

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Medicare for All? (II)

How often do you see me citing David Brooks favorably? Well, I’m doing it today because he does such a good job of elaborating on the points I made in my first post of this title. Brooks starts out by ...

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