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Cynicism, Populism and American Politics

There’s too much cynicism in American politics, and populist politicians are exacerbating the problem. That’s the opinion of NY Times op-ed contributor Greg Weiner.  Claims that the American political system is rigged (Elizabeth Warren) or corrupt (Bernie Sanders) or a swamp in ...

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Short Takes

Two reading recommendations for those who are interested: More on the spectre of ’72—New York Magazine’s Ed Kilgore has done a fine piece that covers much of what I wrote in my own post on the subject, but a lot ...

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That Bipartisan Consensus: An Added Note

I can’t help it: when a widely read pundit writes a column saying pretty much the same as what I have just said, I must point it out.  Here is Peter Beinart, who might well have read my post of ...

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Cracks in the Consensus on Israel?

A front-page two-column lead in the New York Times yesterday announced “Trump and Netanyahu put Bipartisan Support [for Israel] at Risk.”  Donald Trump has demanded, and Benjamin Netanyahu has agreed (with only a very partial takeback), to bar two American congresswomen ...

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The Democrats Debate, Again

If you’re at all like me, you have probably had more than your fill by now of commentaries—on air, on-line and print—on the last two rounds of Democratic debates.  And yet, here you are, reading yet another commentary.  Unfortunately, I doubt ...

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