I can’t help it: when a widely read pundit writes a column saying pretty much the same as what I have just said, I must point it out.  Here is Peter Beinart, who might well have read my post of yesterday. (Just kidding, but actually, Beinart is more optimistic than I am. He says the bipartisan consensus is already dead.  I think it’s still alive and kicking).

Beinart is a very smart guy who has traveled an interesting trajectory: an orthodox Jew and one-time fervent defender of Israel, he is now one of its leading critics in the American Jewish community. His views reflect his own first-hand observation–which he has described as “a shattering experience”–of the brutality of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank,   According to  Beinart, you have to go there to appreciate just how horrible it is.



  1. Elliot August 20, 2019 at 11:25 am

    It is more than ironic that some of the new allies who Netanyahu and the Zionist lobby see as their current allies are more than anti-Semitic. They support Israel because they want all Jews in the US to move to Israel and leave this country. Then, they want them all to convert to Christianity, to pave the way for what they see as the Final Days.

  2. Art Schmidt August 20, 2019 at 1:02 pm

    When three brainy people (you, Beinart, the NYTimes) opine that the bipartisan consensus on Israel is dying, shouldn’t they name at least one elected Democrat who’s breaking from the pack? Beinart names none, the Times named none, and you name Bernie. The rest are all journalists and ex-bureaucrats. That’s not a crack in the consensus. Wake me up when House Democrats offer a bill to cut one dollar from the Israel aid spigot. Till then, a more accurate headline would be “Netanyahu Humiliates Spineless Dems Again, Pays No Price.”

    • tonygreco August 20, 2019 at 2:00 pm

      I cannot argue with your skepticism. I will point out that I put a question mark at the end of my initial post, “Cracks…?” and in this post I said, contra Beinart, that the consensus was alive and kicking. I think the alarmism (or, in Beinart’s case, optimism) is, unfortunately, excessive.

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