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The Hunter Biden pseudo-scandal

Just a short post today to pass this along, since I haven’t seen anyone else boil the relevant facts down so well.  The bottom line: if anyone tells you that somehow, the Bidens are also culpable in Ukrainegate, you can ...

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My website host is still apparently having problems getting notices of my posts out to all subscribers. Please ignore this “post” unless you are a g-mail subscriber.  If you are, and you did get notice of this post in your ...

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Impeachment: The Process Begins

So, the dithering is over: Democrats will formally investigate the possibility of impeaching the president. I’ve believed for a long time that impeachment was morally necessary, but politically risky. I still believe it: a solid majority of Americans even at ...

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Bye bye Bolton

In my search for silver linings following the 2016 election disaster, I observed that Trump during the campaign had made a case for a more restrained, less interventionist foreign policy. He hasn’t consistently followed through, but his basic instinct is ...

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