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A big fly in the Medicare for All ointment

I’m a great admirer and appreciative reader of Harold Meyerson, editor at large of The American Prospect and a frequent op-ed. writer for The Washington Post.  In a recent newsletter, Meyerson tries to show how Elizabeth Warren can defend her ...

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In the well-justified outrage at Trump’s tossing the Syrian Kurds to the tender mercies of his pal Erdogan, there has been a tendency to lose sight of the bigger questions regarding the US presence in Syria. What are we doing ...

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The Democrats debate health care

I still haven’t watched the whole thing, but I think last night’s was probably the most contentious debate so far of the Democratic presidential race.  I plan to write separately about foreign policy, which seems in any case to have ...

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What to do About the Supreme Court

The current Supreme Court has 5-4 right-wing majority that would not have come about had it not been for the theft of a Court seat that President Obama should have been able to fill.  Recall that Mitch McConnell refused to ...

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The Mythology of Centrism

Paul Krugman’s op.eds. vary in quality–from very good to excellent. Today’s is pretty close to  excellent.  Krugman excoriates centrists who refuse to acknowledge the ideological asymmetry of our two-party system.  Clinging to the ideal of bi-partisanship, they cannot come to ...

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