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Out the whistleblower!

In line with demands by Donald Trump, Rand Paul and others of their party, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee continue to display a fervent desire to expose the identity of the whistleblower who first alerted the country to Trump’s ...

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Ukrainegate and the Russia Problem

Some time ago I expressed concern that revulsion over Russian interference in US domestic politics and over the Trump/Putin bromance works against a realistic approach to our relations with Russia. Yes, we should oppose Russian wrongdoing, but we still need ...

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Liberal Condescension? (II)

I generally try to avoid repeating myself, but some things bear repeating.  A couple of years ago I did a post by this title challenging the common belief that condescending attitudes by liberal elites towards average Americans were a contributing ...

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Parsing the polls

The NY Times’ election analysis whizzes at “538” published poll findings the other day that have caused understandable consternation among Democrats.  The polls, taken in 6 key battleground states, show that Trump is highly competitive with his prospective Democratic opponents.  ...

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The grounds for impeachment

It now looks as though the impeachment of Donald Trump will focus exclusively, or nearly exclusively, on Trump’s shakedown of the Ukrainian government to generate dirt on Joe Biden.  That’s a shame. Suppose—yes, it’s hard, but just suppose—that before that ...

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