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Centrist Bias

Just a quickie today: Since I always love seeing well-established pundits take up themes I have previously written about, I have to direct you to David Leonhardt’s excellent op-ed. in today’s NY Times. After you’ve read Leonhardt, you might want ...

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Which Democrat for 2020?

Who should be the Democratic nominee to oppose Donald Trump’s re-election?  That question boils down to two: who among the Democratic aspirants would make the best president, and who would be the strongest candidate against Trump? The answers to these ...

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The UK and the US

The depressing results of the British elections are in, and, inevitably, people are drawing parallels to American politics and the prospects for 2020.  Notably, the usually sensible Roger Cohen, the predictable Bret Stephens and the contemptible Steve Bannon are all ...

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The Party of Trump

Brimming with self-righteous protest, Congressional Republicans have angrily rejected the clear and compelling case that their president has committed impeachable offenses.  Can they really believe that Trump wasn’t trying to extort a foreign government for his personal domestic political purposes?  ...

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Tomasky’s False Choice

I always look forward to reading Michael Tomasky’s commentaries, but this usually insightful pundit gets it wrong in today’s NY Times.  He notes that Democrats have to decide on questions of scope and speed of the impeachment process.  He thinks ...

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