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Uniquely Unfit

At some point in this pandemic it will be possible, based on accumulated data to date, to estimate the cost in human lives of the weeks of indifference, denialism and delay displayed by the grotesquely inadequate man in the White ...

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Trump’s Choice

“WE CANNOT LET THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF” So says Donald Trump.  And, strictly speaking, it is a reasonable assertion.  Shutting down the US economy to deal with the virus means imposing a lot of hardship—psychological as ...

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Fauci on the Tightrope

Dr. Anthony Fauci has garnered a lot of hopeful admiration as the voice of science in an administration that disdains politically inconvenient facts, scientific or other.  The poor guy has to walk a tightrope.  He knows that the president of ...

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What next for Sanders and Biden?

Sanders and Biden should get together. It would be best for Sanders to initiate the meeting, in which he will propose to drop out of the race for the nomination in return for certain considerations from Biden. What those considerations ...

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What’s Happened?

I don’t recall any presidential primary season that has seen such a dramatically rapid reversal.  Three weeks ago, Bernie Sanders was the clear front-runner for the Democratic nomination.  One week ago, Joe Biden, risen from the dead, was the clear ...

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And then there were two

So, barring an act of God, it is now certain that the Democratic nominee for president will be either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders.  Biden is the new front runner, but the race is far from over.  Which of these ...

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