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It’s also the corruption

Amongst all the manifest evils of the Trump regime—the xenophobic racism, the attacks on the rule of law, the routine mendacity, the many destructive policies foreign and domestic—it’s easy to overlook that this is almost certainly the most corrupt administration ...

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Risible Quote of the Month

As long as I’m attorney general, the criminal justice system will not be used for partisan political ends.” –William Barr, explaining that no, he will not be investigating Obama and Biden for plotting to take down Donald Trump

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PS2 on Biden

With thanks to a reader, I’m passing on another excellent takedown of Tara Reade’s sexual assault accusation against Joe Biden.  It’s long and repeats some points we’ve  already seen,  but you should read it if you still need convincing.  In ...

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PS on Biden

If you’ve already read my post yesterday on the charge against Biden, I need to let you know that after writing it I came across this excellent article, which may be the best single compilation of all the reasons to ...

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The Charge Against Biden

This is what we know: Joe Biden has behaved inappropriately with women on a number of occasions.  We also know that one of those occasions almost certainly occurred with Tara Reade in 1993.  What we don’t know is whether whatever ...

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